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Garbage – A Humanitarian Crisis Worldwide

Waste/Garbage is creating a mounting humanitarian disaster worldwide with no effective solution to manage the world’s waste/garbage problem. Bahrain Management Centre has the perfect solution, which has been researched and perfected over 17 years of R&D which incorporates the best of modern & current process controls and our unique organic enzyme Technology.

We Are Specialize in

Waste Management Technologies

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Water Treatment Technologies

BMC’s current focus is in implementing, researching and developing projects in Waste Management and Water Treatment Technologies. Several activities are conducted by our team of Doctorates, Professors, Scientists, Architects and Engineers, in different disciplines, as well as many other professionals, all of whom are highly specialized in their individual area of expertise and for the Proprietary Technologies listed below.

Waste Management Technologies

  • Municipal Solid Waste – MSW Waste to Energy through Anaerobic Digestion System using our proprietary Organic Enzyme Technology.
  • Low Temperature Desalination Technology.
  • Treatment of Brine Water after Desalination for Magnesium Extraction.
  • Organic Pesticides from Waste Tobacco Stems.
  • Reutilisation of Waste Husks after winnowing grain to generate Electricity.
  • Waste Water & Sewerage Water Management & Treatments for reutilisation.

The above mentioned Technologies have been researched and developed by BMC’s Team of Doctorates, Professors, Scientists, Partners, Associates and Directors over 17 years of Research & Development.