- Meet the Directors -


Dr. Seena Jaberi was born in 1958, in the Kingdom of Bahrain. He is a Bahraini National who attained his Doctorate in Human Behaviour & Administration Management, from Newport USA. He also acquired his MBA in Industrial and Mechanical Engineering. Prior to this, he acquired his Degree in Economic Geography and Transport Management Technology; along with his outstanding accomplishments he also earned a Degree in Road Transport Engineering, from the United Kingdom.

Dr. Seena Jaberi is the Founder & CEO of Bahrain Management Centre and continues to manage his consultancy firm for more than 3 decades now. Bahrain Management Centre – BMC is a well-known and reputed consulting company in the gulf region responsible for providing local and international training in Industrial Management & Development, Technology & Development Systems.

He is also a successful CEO and a leader of a number of manufacturing industries. Presently he is on the Boards of several companies and holds the position of Chairman in different multinational firms and semi-government organizations in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Dr. Seena Jaberi was the first to receive the Prime Minister of Bahrain’s ‘Award for Excellence in Industry’ in the Kingdom of Bahrain. He is also a renowned personality, who founded the Bahrain Quality Society and many other professional institutions and societies and affiliated bodies.


DR. OMAR. H. AL HALABI was born in Lebanon in 1959. He was educated in Lithuania, where he received his Doctorate in Hereditary Homogeneity. He was awarded and recognised for many of his researches and studies.

During the period of 1991 and 1996, he won 1st place for Research in “Plants Homogeneity”, 2nd place for research on “Sediments and Element Content” and the 3rd place for research on “Negative Aspects of Insecticides & Pesticides in Commercial Farming”.

He also won the 10th place in the Number One Group for research on “Entomology and Diseases“. DR. OMAR. H. AL HALABI received two certificates; a Certificate of Acknowledgment for research on “Sterilization in the Soil” and a Certificate of Recognition on “Trace Elements & Vitamins in Nature“.

As an Ecological Engineer and Researcher, Dr. Halabi has been a great contributor in the field of environment, pollution control and water treatment. A tremendous advocator of Health Organic Farming, he has made several significant contributions to various international seminars and conferences.


MR. RAFIC CHEHAB was born in 1957. He is a Lebanese national and a Chemist by profession. His key qualifications are in Water Chemistry and he is an Analysis Process Specialist.

His expertise includes chemicals used in water treatment and for chemical manufacturing for various industries as well as reporting and analysis investigations experience, which he has acquired from over 30 years of research, development and work experience.

Part of his work and scientific contributions are in the areas of Catalytic Synthesis of Hydrogen from Water, Clean Fuel Generation, treatment of MSW, Anaerobic Digestion, new Desalination methods under low barometric pressure and extraction of Magnesium and Lithium from seawater.

He is a successful head of many organisations and has contributed significantly in many chemical manufacturing organizations and well reputed multinationals corporations, like Pepsi Cola for bottled drinks and mineral water industries in the GCC and Middle Eastern region.

Mr. Rafic’s professionalism is mainly being responsible for the INWMS project’s design, initial start-up and the running of the laboratories to the completion of the entire water treatment and management operations.


MR. KHALIL HIJRIS was born 1950, in the Kingdom of Bahrain. He is a Bahraini National and a highly reputed Businessman in Bahrain and internationally.

The Hijris family established their business in the Pearling and Trading Industry in the early days and owned the famous icon in Bahrain, the ‘LULU Cinema’. They were traders, trading with India and several other countries in the region for decades.

Mr. Khalil is the Owner, Chairman and Director of 16 different companies in Bahrain and is the Agent for BLOOMBERG Financial Services in the Middle East.

He is also the Chairman of Bahrain Advanced Technology, Bahrain Hydraulics, Khalil Hijris Trading, Trans World Trading and several other Companies. He has established offices in Bahrain and Qatar.
He is internationally well known and respected for his business ethics and abilities.


MR. RABBI RAJKUMAR was born in India in 1952. He came to Bahrain in 1973, as his father was an Indian Diplomat assigned to Bahrain by the Indian Government to establish the Indian Embassy in 1972. He has ever since made Bahrain his home.

He is a Printing Technologist by education and a Marketing & Communications and Business Development, Professional with wide ranging experience and expertise in Business Development & Consultancy, Project Consultancy, Advertising & Public Relations, Print Management, Event Management, etc.

Possessing a wide network of local and international business contacts he maintains an excellent awareness of business development demands and is a keen, innovative, ‘ideas’ man, always seeking new creative business ideas and opportunities.

Over the last 20 years he has focused on implementing new technologies to enhance business and personal success. Since 2001 to date he has been actively pursuing innovative Waste to Energy Technologies, in view of the surmounting problems worldwide and the developing humanitarian crisis in dealing with Waste Management and Treatment.