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Anaerobic Digestion Enzyme Technology

In specific relation to Waste to Energy technology, BMC has developed the Integrated No Waste Management Solution (Zero Waste)  Anaerobic Digestion Enzyme Technology.

Anaerobic Digestion is a universally proven natural process and one of the safest forms of treating Waste. It is very well accepted internationally and its adaptive technologies are utilised in hundreds of plants worldwide. Anaerobic digestion is a natural method and collection of processes, by which microorganisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen. The process is utilised for industrial or domestic purposes, to manage waste and produce valuable gases and fuels. Anaerobic Digestion usually takes place under ideal conditions between 60 to 120 days.


River of Garbage – Lebanon


Anaerobic Digestion Waste Water & Organic Food Treatment Plant – New York

BMC Unique Technology

However, through BMC’s unique, proprietary ‘Organic Enzymes’ Technology process, BMC can speed up the Anaerobic Digestion process in less than 48 hours.

As a result of our technology, very high volumes of Biogases and Organic Fertilisers are produced daily and the Biogases are used to generate very high volumes of Electricity or CNG as required.

It is a uniquely Green Technology, 100% Organic and ensures ZERO Waste. BMC is the proprietary and sole owner of the unique “Integrated No Waste Management Solution Anaerobic Digestion Enzyme Technology “.

  • The MSW (Solid & Wet Waste) is received at the Receiving Bay in one lot, without any pre-separation, into the Plant on a daily basis.
  • It will then be processed with chilled water to kill all the foul smelling Bacteria.
  • The total mass as one lot is transported on special Conveyors for segregation of the various valuable materials, such as Plastics, Metals, Paper, Glass, Wood, Tires, Demolition (construction waste), etc.
  • The separated and segregated material will be channelled to various chambers within the Plant, which are capable of processing them as valuable, reusable, recycled material for recycling or sale.
  • The remaining “Wet Waste” or Biological waste will be sent first to a Blender and then to the Digester/Reactor for due process.
  • The Slurry Biomass is mixed with our proprietary Organic Enzyme Formula for further processing in the Digester/Reactor.
  • Our Organic Enzyme Formula will quickly digest the Slurry Biomass in less than 48 hours in the Digester.
  • Critical and valuable Biogases are produced such as Methane, Ethanol and Co2., and produce extremely high quality “Organic” Fertilizer, completely free of any chemicals or harmful material.
  • This Solid and Liquid Fertilisers produced are completely ‘Organic’ and 30 times more powerful than other standard Fertilisers.
  • The combined Biogas is then cooled, scrubbed and sent to the Power Plant to produce high volumes of consistent electricity per hour/per hour.
  • The Plant will not need any external Power or Energy source, as it will produce its own Power. Plant is self-sufficient and self contained.
  • Zero pollution, No Chemicals, No Burying, No Burning, No Foul Smell, No Flue Gases, No Smoke, No Residue, No Effluents and No Hazardous Waste. Nothing released into the atmosphere or on land – Zero Waste.
  • No landfill needed, saving valuable land for the future.
  • All MSW is processed as one lot and no pre-separation is required, saving money and time.
  • Once treated, the valuable inorganic materials are sold for Recycling. Critical Gases Methane, Ethanol and Co2 are produced.
  • High volumes of Biogases are produced and used for producing high volumes of consistent electricity hourly/daily.
  • High quality Fertilizers produced – completely ‘Organic’ and 30 times stronger than standard fertilizers.
  • Job opportunity – providing hundreds of jobs. Promoting Humanitarian, Social and Educational programs.
  • Several ancillary Small Scale Entrepreneur industries can be established.
  • The Plant fulfils all Koyoto Protocols and earns Carbon Credits.
  • Many more benefits, too many to mention here.